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Amaretti Cookies Chestnut 400g

Explore the perfect flavor combination with our naturally gluten-free Amaretti Almond Cookies with Chestnuts, straight from Liguria! Each bite is a sensation where the creamy almond taste meets the rich and earthy flavor of chestnuts. Perfectly balanced and crafted with carefully selected ingredients, these cookies are an authentic delight for any occasion.

Let yourself be seduced by the unique taste of Liguria's chestnuts and enjoy the creamy texture of our Amaretti cookies. Perfect for savoring alone or sharing with loved ones over a cup of coffee or tea.

Order your own naturally gluten-free Amaretti Almond Cookies with Chestnuts from Liguria today and let us take you on a flavor journey to Italy's sunny coastline.

Delivered beautifully in cellophane!

Article no. 25/02/20
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Amaretti Virginia
Fresh soft almond coockies from Liguria, baked accordingly to the original recipe since 1860. A delicious coockie made of few and carefully selected ingredients such as apricot almonds, sugar, egg white and honey, making the product naturally gluten and lactose free. Amaretti cookies, delicious on their own or served by all means with Prosecco / Champagne, liqueur, ice cream and best of all with coffee or tea. The Amaretti's soft texture, its delicate flavor and aroma, gives it unique characteristics that distinguish this product, from the wide range of bakery products available on the market today. In addition, it is baked without wheat flour. Virginia, a historic brand from Sassello Liguria, was established in 1860 and it is one of Italy's most famous cookie producers. It is synonymous of quality and elegance, producing unrivaled desserts and pastries. Its worldwide fame was achieved when the production of soft "Amaretticockies" accelerated. The oven that then produced these delicious Amaretti coockies soon became a gathering place for townspeople and tourists, to the extent that the square was depicted as postcards, of the time period "Piazza degli Amaretti Virginia". Wonderful fragrance of almond, these pastries were soon appreciated in prominent international exhibitions: Arcachon 1897 , Turin 1898, Genoa 1903. For 150 years, Virginia has made quality into its business philosophy. The range includes today, in addition to the famous soft Amaretti coockies, a wide range of sweet specialties, including Panettone, Colomba (Easter cake), and chocolate truffles. Amaretti Virgina attaches great importance to the presentation and packaging of their products. Elegant and refined, it reminds the packaging and its pictures of times gone by and sweet memories of a good life ... "Ricordi di un buon vivere" ...

Soft Amaretti with chestnut. Bakery product.
Ingredients: apricot kernels 43% - sugar - candied chestnut purée 20% (chestnuts 50%, sugar, glucose syrup, flavourings, stabilizers: carrageenan, pectin; preserving agent: potassium sorbate) - egg white - almonds 1% - preserving agent: potassium sorbate.
May contain: hazelnut, walnut, pistachio, sulphite.
Store in a cold and dry place.


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